Applicants of Armenian State Universities are protesting against Education Reform.

Grigor Tamazyan


Ministry of Education of Armenia made changes this year, which causes big problems. Many students who get high marks for attending the universities didn't attend anywhere.

Nelli Azatyan couldn't attend any faculty even though she got 18.75 out of 20, but many applicants who get 7.5 attended. 

Ministry of Education says that they change how the system works before each student was filling a list of professions mentioning what he wants to study and if he could not pass the first profession after that he was attending where his points were enough. 

But now they change the system and applicants compete for the first-mentioned place. 
For example, if an applicant wants to become a Lawyer he has to compete with all other applicants who mentioned Law faculty in the first place in their application. 

If he will fail to pass his desired profession by the competition he can have the option to enter faculties with fewer applicants.

In this way, failed applicants will not take places of students who dream to become a Historian for example. 
A student who mentioned History in his first wish will have a chance to attend with a lower mark, but a failed applicant with higher marks can not take place in History faculty.