The citizen claims that he was infected with Covid-19 for the second time. 

Grigor Tamazyan


Facebook user Arsen Harutyunyan reported earlier that he had a case of recurrent coronavirus ․ About 40 days after the first infection, Covid-19 was diagnosed again, this time with bilateral infiltrative pneumonia.

He wrote that for the first time he had the symptoms typical of coronavirus when he was carrying the disease, but he did not have pneumonia. After treatment, he was discharged from the hospital with a negative test.

Health Ministry spokeswoman Alina Nikoghosyan neither denied nor confirmed the information about the possibility of getting infected twice.

"The Ministry of Health can not confirm anything by personal cases, and as for the cases of recurrent infections, both in Armenia and around the world, it has not been 100% proven yet, everything is under investigation. And as the minister said at his last press conference, it is not ruled out 100% that the virus may be repeated, - said Alina Nikoghosyan to PanArmenian.

In early July, Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan announced that no cases of double infection with the coronavirus had been registered in Armenia. However, until it is scientifically proven that it is impossible to get infected again, you should not be 100% sure that you will not get infected again after recovery.

As of July 27, the number of people infected with coronavirus in Armenia is 37,390.