External Merchandise Trade decreased by 18.2 %

Gvantsa Nadibaidze


In January-June 2020 the external merchandise trade (excluding non-declared trade) of Georgia amounted to USD 5 053.9 million, 18.2 percent lower to the same period of 2019. The exports equaled USD 1 503.4 million (16.0 percent lower), while the imports stood at USD 3 550.5 million (19.1 percent lower). The negative trade balance was USD 2 047.0 million in January-June 2020 and its share in external trade turnover constituted 40.5 percent.

In January-June 2020 the share of the top trading partners by exports were China (USD 205.1 million), Azerbaijan (USD 203.5 million) and Russia (USD 188.1 million).