Penalties for violating parking rules are increasing in Tbilisi

Sopho Apriamashvili


According to the new legislative package, which was approved by the Georgian parliament, instead of 10 GEL, people who violate parking rules will have to pay 50 GEL. The change is about parking of other types of vehicles in the area designated for Category A taxis.

Also the owners of the vehicle, who will park the car in order to get income will be fined for 100 GEL, instead of 10 GEL, and in case of repetition - 200 GEL.

In addition, it is prohibited to abandon the vehicle on the road for a period of more than three months and in case of violation, the owner will be fined 50 GEL.

according to the Mayor of the capital, Kakha Kaladze, signs ”stopping is prohibited" or "standing is prohibited", and in case of non-compliance with the request, if the offender is not present with the vehicle Or refuses to remove the vehicle from the place, the vehicle can be transported to a specially guarded parking lot, or its wheels will be blocked by a special vehicle.

In addition, in case of repeated non-delivery or refusal to submit a parking receipt for violation of parking rules, the penalty receipt will be published on the official website. According to Kaladze, this is a system used by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for administrative violations.

Under the changes, if a person pays a fine for violating parking rules within ten calendar days, the amount of that fine will be reduced by 20%.

According to the mayor of the capital, the implementation of these changes is important because the situation in the city must be addressed in a timely manner.