Noomee: Application for children with ASD

Ani Torosyan

Armenian Noomee startup has created an app for children with autism the aim of which is to make their lives easier. The app helps children to be more independent and to be able to organize their everyday life.




There are a few problems that the app tries to solve.

1.     First of all, it helps to develop communication and behavioral skills. 

2.     Through the GPS system that is included in the app, parents can know the whereabouts of their children. Because of the problems that children have with concentration, parents usually don’t let them go somewhere alone, and in this sense this application is of great help. 

3.     The last and the most important thing is that the application provides parents with statistics about the progress of the children. 


Noomeeapp is a tool for both parents and children, and continues the work of therapists at home.