Citizens in Azerbaijan are in a hurry to be vaccinated

Vusal Nabiyev

Azerbaijan has launched immunization campaign since mid-January this year using 99,94 % Sinovac vaccines and the rest AstraZeneca and Sputnik vaccines.


2 million vaccine doses have already been administered. This number constitutes 20% of the total population. All citizens above 18 years old can get vaccinated voluntarily.


COVID-19 passports are issued for those vaccinated.


The government has gradually eased the quarantine regime. There are currently no restrictions on travel around Azerbaijan. Most businesses and services are open including restaurants, cafes and shopping malls. Some public places such as gyms and places of worship are only accessible for those able to demonstrate they have had their vaccinations registered with the local medical authorities (TABIB). The wearing of masks outdoors is not mandatory. The wearing of masks indoors remains mandatory.


The Baku Metro is open during the week. However, the Metro and public transport remains closed in Baku and a number of towns and cities across Azerbaijan during weekends and non-working days.