Remove some COVİD-19 restrictions in Azerbaijan caused concern in older people

Vusal Nabiyev

Since June 1, The Cabinet of Ministers decided to remove some restrictions.

The decision, which everyone welcomed during the hot summer months was to abolish the requirement to use personal protective equipment (medical mask, cloth mask, respirator, etc.) in public places in the open air. However, not all citizens of the country are satisfied with this decision.


The abolition of the requirement to wear a mask, especially in the open air, has caused concern among older people. As they are considered a risk group in the COVID-19 pandemic, they fear that re-infections will increase.


The Hajiyev family is one of them. Mr. Hajiyev and Ms. Hajiyeva were hospitalized in critical condition last year after being infected with the coronavirus. Although they may recover and be discharged from the hospital, they are worried that they will become infected again after the government's recent decisions.


Ms. Hajiyeva, 60, said the same decisions were made in Azerbaijan at the same time last year, but that the number of daily cases of COVID-19 had risen to 4,000.


Mr Hajiyev, 62, called on people to be vaccinated as soon as possible.