NGOs Observe Violations During Election Process

Mariam Alikhanashvili

Throughout Election Day, the Election Media Canter was publicising different violations presented by various International organisations.

International Society for Fair Elections and Democrary (ISFED) representative Mikheil Benidze said his group was monitoring throughout Georgia to find out whether the election process was going smoothly. “In some polling stations, observers’ rights were restricted, in others there were procedural irregularities. In one case there was physical confrontation,” Benidze said.

According Benidze, observers saw different party activists trying to affect people’s ability to vote freely. These kind of violations were revealed by ISFED observers at 40 polling stations. They observed one case of mini-bus mobilization. Most of these activists were with Georgian Dream, but others were United National Movement party members.

According to the Human Rights Center, Georgian Dream agitators were mobilized at almost all polling stations in Gori.

Public Movement Multinational Georgia reported 25 incidents, as well as seven complaints filed in Precinct Election Commissions.

According to a Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) release at 6 pm, violations included:


– Pressure on voters by party activists

– Attempts of bribery (Samgori # 56, Vake # 13, Marneuli # 59)

– Attempt to expel the observer from the precinct (Marneuli # 18)This is a new Text block. Change the text.