Marijuana, Condoms, Drinks and other items to suppot Girchi

Taguhi Matevosyan

Vladimir Hakobyan, 23, sold Chacha made with marijuana today at a flea market arranged by the Girchi political party.

Girchi’s presidential candidate Zura Japaridze arranged the event at his Tbilisi party headquarters. Traditional campaigning is not allowed on the day before Sunday’s election.

Party supporters sold handmade items, accessories, handbags and condoms. They also offered marijuana to smoke and some alcohol to drink.

Japaridze was at the party. He said his chances of winning depend on how many young people go to vote.  44908347_1130239890483498_3112633881119948800_n

“Our chances of getting to the second round are small, but they still exist,” he said. He would have to finish in the top two out 25 candidates, with neither candidate getting more than 50 percent of the vote, to reach the second round.

“Youth are our electorate, mostly because they hear us better and they understand what we say more easily than the older generation.

“Our office staff decided to hold today’s event, where different products were sold. It is mostly connected to the cannabis culture, and we will use this money for Facebook ad campaigns.”

Vladimer Hakobyan said he supported Japaridze because of his democratic ideas. “I like the idea of Girchi,” he said.

Another supporter, Anania Gachechiladze, brought condoms with uniquely designed package covers with portraits of Stalin, Putin — and presidential candidate Salome Zurabishvili.44896695_2224445414503608_1367169119169806336_n

“This (Putin design) is part of our occupation line. We protest the occupation of Georgia and we think occupation could happen anytime.”

Flea market participants had to pay 10 lari for entrance. Party organizer Giorgi Chichinadze said the money collected will be used to cover pre-election and other Girchi Party costs.