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Human Rights Stories
Communication for Health Rights is a project that brings human rights issues into the classroom of GIPA master’s degree program in Journalism and Media Management. Students interact with different NGO representatives, develop sources, engage in discussions, grasp issues, and report true stories that can change society. The topics covered by students include physical and mental disability, palliative care and gender inequality. The best project and story reported by students will be granted with a prize for journalism excellence supported by Open Society Georgia.

Hand in Hand

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Accessible environment for everyone

The Georgian Constitution contains a strong provision prohibiting the discrimination of persons with disabilities, but efective implementation lags  behind. People with disabilities continue to face serious physical barriers in  terms of accessibility. 


Older Azerbaijanis are struggling to live on elderly pension

The average pension in Azerbaijan of 150 manat ($US190), doesn’t cover  monthly expenses. Latifa Aliyeva, 71, and her husband get a monthly pension of 325 manat ($US410) and even that amount doesn’t cover their expenses.


Waiting for pension changes

Meri Iremadze, 74, lives in Odilauri village in Imereti Region. According to paragraph 6 of Article 32 in the 2013 Georgia budget, all old-age pensioners like Iremadze should receive 150 lari   instead of 125 lari every month starting September 1, 2013.  Despite the rise by 25 laris, Iremadze needs to keep doing farm work.


Palliative care: what we know about

Flowers on a bedside table and windowsill indicated it was a special day. On Mother’s Day, the only thing Liya cared and dreamed about was her mother’s health conditions and helping her get better soon.


Life in fear

Ten years are not enough to erase the trace of violence

 “Now I am free. It’s awful to live in fear all the time, and going to bed just waiting for something to happen and that he would simply decide to beat me again.”