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Human Rights Stories
Communication for Health Rights is a project that brings human rights issues into the classroom of GIPA master’s degree program in Journalism and Media Management. Students interact with different NGO representatives, develop sources, engage in discussions, grasp issues, and report true stories that can change society. The topics covered by students include physical and mental disability, palliative care and gender inequality. The best project and story reported by students will be granted with a prize for journalism excellence supported by Open Society Georgia.

Nearing the Death

The daylight barely penetrates the inside the building. The wide corridor is not illuminated brightly. As the medical personnel and visitors move around, loud voices are seldom heard. If one eavesdrops carefully, one can hear intermittent groans.


Pediatric palliative care in Georgia

Most developed countries have special palliative programs to deal with juveniles and children with incurable diseases.


Cursed Circle of Violence

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 30% of women in relationships have experienced intimate partner violence and over 600 million women still live in countries where domestic violence is not a crime.


Hopeful couple in Gurjaani

Judge orders a Chalk Circle to be drawn. He places the child in the middle and orders the two women to pull, saying that whichever woman can pull the child out of the circle will get him.


Every 10th

The first floor of Ardoni street house N1 is rented by Topuria family of mother, father and four kids. One room that they live is used for multi purposes: as a bedroom, dining room and living room. The room does not have a single window. The food is rarely cooked in the 3 square meters kitchen. The social support from the government